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Water fun on the Veluwe

Harderwijk at the Veluwe lake

Water lovers will definitely love the Veluwe. Harderwijk and the area around Harderwijk offer tons of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful, refreshing water. Cozy cafes to eat on the renewed boulevard of Harderwijk, relax on the Strandeiland with beautiful views of the old town, sail with traditional botters, or rent a boat and sail the waters yourself. There is something to do and see for everyone!



Imagine a beautiful sunny day, you're supping over the calm water of the Veluwemeer, feeling the warm rays of sunshine on your face, and enjoying the panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. 

SUP-ping offers a unique way of relaxing, while working on your balance and your core-muscles at the same time. The relaxing sound of the paddle gliding through the water, creates a meditative atmosphere, allowing you to fully relax and unwind.

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What's SUP



Don't forget your camera, because the recreational area Zandenplas in Nunspeet is absolutely gorgeous. This recreational area, hidden in the middle of the forests of the Veluwe, really gives you the feeling that you're staying in a tropical destination. Not just because of the tall needle trees, but mostly because of the clear blue water!

The thing that makes Zandenplas extra special is not just its absolutely beautiful view, but also its suitability for families with kids. It is cozy, allowing you to relax on your towel while keeping an eye on the kids as they play and climb over all the playground equipment.

Feeling like having a little treat? The beach pavilion offers ice cream and drinks, something nice for everyone.

Boulevard Harderwijk

Boulevard of Harderwijk

Do you prefer to enjoy the water from a bit further away? Walking along the centuries-old city wall on the boulevard of Harderwijk, taste the freshly caught fish at Johannesor relax at one of the terraces on the waterfront of Harderwijk.

There is always something to do on the 'Strandboulevard' of Harderwijk. Get carried away by the activities at the various harbors or find a spot with the locals on the characteristic 'lie bench' near the new Harbor Office. You will be guaranteed to hear the most interesting stories of Harderwijk.

Botter varen

Botter sailing

Sailing along with a traditional 'Harderwijkse' Botter is a unique way to see and discover the beautiful Veluwemeer. And a package deal with fish smoking or a city tour on foot will make the experience even better. 

Combine your sailing trip on a traditional botter with one of the package deals, fish smoking, a city tour on foot or sail with the botter to one of the islands around Harderwijk for an amazing island barbecue. Whichever package deal you choose, it will guarantee an unforgettable experience!

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Botter huren Harderwijk 



Windsurfing at Strand Horst, is an adventurous way to enjoy the 'Veluwemeer'. Strand Horst is a paradise for windsurfers who just started and windsurfers who have more experience. With its wide waters, constant winds, and shallow areas, this is the ideal location to practice this spectacular watersport!

No matter if you are an experienced windsurfer or if you just started, Strand Horst has opportunities for everyone to practice. There are multiple rentals for all your equipment, from planks to sails.

Telstar Beach is the place to learn surfing. The surfing lessons are for all ages and levels. So don't hesitate to learn a new skill!


Dog beach

Harderwijk is surrounded by water and multiple beaches, the perfect setting for a day full of water fun for your furry friend. During the off-season, on almost all of the beaches, dogs are very welcome.

Even during the warm summer months, there are a couple of locations where you can take your dog to enjoy a refreshing swim

Erkemedestrand is the perfect place for dog lovers and their dogs. This special dog beach offers the ideal opportunity to enjoy the sun, the water, and the beach, together with your furry friend. Dogs can run freely, play in the sand, and even take a refreshing swim in the water. 

In the heart of the new housing area Harderweide, at the turn of highway A28, you can find Crescent Park. In this park, you can walk and play, and even for your dog, there is a special place. For dogs, there is a specially dedicated part of the beach where they can swim and have fun.

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