Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp

Hanseatic year

The Hanseatic year in the spotlight!

How exciting is it to visit the Hanseatic cities in the anniversary year 2023? On April 1st , the festive year kicks off and nine Hanseatic cities, linked by water and history for more than 800 years, will be dedicated to the Hanseatic spirit. The medieval trading network that brought wealth and commercial spirit to the cities. It is still clearly visible and tangible today. Throughout the year, hundreds of Hanseatic activities are celebrated, from serious to exuberant and from cultural to economic.

Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp, located in the centuries-old Hanseatic city of Harderwijk and is close to several other beautiful Hanseatic cities. The center of the Hanseatic city Harderwijk with its beautiful historic buildings is just around the corner and Elburg, Kampen or Deventer can be reached in 30 minutes.


During your stay at Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp, you will have the opportunity to discover all the beauty of these cities. Find an accommodation that suits you and soon enjoy the many festivities, and beautiful experiences and feel the Hanseatic Vibe.

Is reading this information make you want to come and experience all of this beauty? Now it's the best time to book your accommodation at Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp in Holland! Our receptionists will be happy to tell you about the Hanseatic Year's program and the trendy hotspots. When are you planning to visit the Hanseatic cities?