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The best (coffee)stops during your bike tour

The best stop during your cycling adventure

The Veluwe is the perfect place to make beautiful, long cycling rides through the heathlands, sand drifts, forests, and babbling streams. These kinds of cycling adventures are not complete without a nice cup of coffee or tea and of course a little treat. Here are the best (coffee) stops in the area. 


Scheep shed

'De Schaapskooi' (Sheep shed) in Ermelo is a well-known attraction for people who live in the region and for tourists from all over the globe. The terrace from the visitors' center is an amazing place to have a break from your cycling tour, enjoy the view over the heathlands, and perhaps meet the sheep flock while they are returning from the heathland. You can find 'De Schaapskooi' between cycle junctions 79 and 96.


Estate Schovenhorst

When you choose a cycling route around Putten, we highly recommend visiting Estate Schovenhorst. This beautiful estate, with different special and unique tree gardens, can be found between junctions 20 and 52. On the edge of the estate, you will find the old information center, which is now the restaurant of the estate. Take your time to enjoy a delicious lunch. Don't forget to visit the 40-meter-high "forest tower" on the edge of the estate, you can't miss it. After climbing the 235 steps of this architectural masterpiece, you will be rewarded with an absolutely stunning view of the Veluwe. 

After your lunch, you can cycle following junctions 52, 56, and 97. Here you will find a mysterious hole in the ground called; 'Het Solse Gat'. According to old legends, there used to be a mysterious monastery. In the Middle Ages, dark activities took place. If you follow this link, you can read the story about this mysterious hole. (unfortunately, the page is in Dutch, but thankfully you should be able to translate the page with a translation app).

Vrolijke Geit

Country shop "De vrolijke geit" (the happy goat)

In one of the small villages surrounding the park, Putten, near junction 68, you will find the farm shop 'De Vrolijke Geit'. Which literally translates to, the happy goat. This farm shop is situated on the land of the goat farm from the family Dekker. A farm with 700 dairy goats, of which you can find fresh goat milk on the shelves of the farm shop. Behind the farm shop, there is a so-called resting point during your bike ride, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. A lovely spot to regain some energy during your cycling tour.

Brasserie Staverden

Brasserie Staverden

Brasserie Staverden is situated between junctions 67 and 86, in the smallest city of the Netherlands; Staverden. The Brasserie has a big terrace with a view over the castle gardens of Castle Staverden. During the summer, there are beach chairs on the grass field, which gives a real summer feel. During autumn and winter, they light a cozy fire. The terrace is open the whole year round. We definitely recommend having a break here.

Klein Noord Brandsgoed

Klein Noord Brandsgoed

Right between junctions 35 and 33, you will find 'Klein Noord Brandsgoed', in the rural area of Ermelo. The perfect spot to get off your bike for a while and enjoy the beautiful garden of this old Dutch farm, with a cup of coffee or tea. Don't forget about the delicious cakes; every morning they are freshly baked by the lovely owners. The coffee and tea shop is open from Wednesday until Sunday, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. 


Buitenplaats Het Loo

Country estate Het Loo

Close to the beautiful Uddelermeer (lake), you will find 'Buitenplaats Het Loo' (county state Het Loo). With a view over the lake, you will find this to be the perfect location for coffee and cake or a nice lunch. 'Buitenplaats Het Loo' is breathes history. Did you know that our former Queen of the Netherlands, Wilhelmina, used to drink her tea here? She'd arrive in her carriage at the Coach House and have it parked there. To maintain the legacy of the Coach House, a carriage can still be admired. 'Buitenplaats Het Loo' can be found at junction 60 in Uddel. 


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