Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp
Holidays with your dog

Bring your dog along!

On holiday with your dog 

There is plenty to do and see for you and your dog in the surroundings of bungalow park Het Verscholen Dorp and. Let your dog run and play freely in the following beautiful forrests with fantastic hiking trails.

Het Strokelbos, which is located south of Harderwijk, within walking distance of our bungalow park, is a wonderful nature reserve where your dog can run free (without a leash). Well worth a visit!

In the southwest, "Het Strokelbos" changes into the a different forrest. Here, too, the dogs are allowed to roam freely. In this beautiful, wooded area, in the north of Ermelo there are hiking trails of 5, 7½ and 9 km. The 5 km trail runs right through the off-leash area.

So....... don't wait any longer and book a dog included holiday at Bungalowpark Het Verscholen in Harderwijk, because there is nothing more fun than taking your four-legged friend on holiday!

Another beautiful area that is ideal for dogs is De Groevenbeekse Heide. This is a large heath land area surrounded by forest. The landscape is slightly sloping, is approximately 200 hectares in size and is part of the moraine massif of the Veluwe, which originated in the ice age! You can park without charge at the end of De Herderlaan.


Holiday with your dog

Harderwijk is surrounded by lots of water and various beaches, where your dog can have a great time!

Dogs are allowed on the following beaches in the vicinity of “Het Verscholen Dorp”:

A brand-new dog beach has been constructed in the Crescent Park in Harderwijk, a wonderful place to enjoy, both for humans and animals. An area with lots of greenery and space, ideal for swimming, playing, rolling, digging and romping.

Het Kuinderbos with the "Natte neuzenpad" (wet noses path) is the largest forest in the Noordoostpolder. In the western part, dogs can run freely and there is a hiking trail of about an hour. The route runs along a large playing field and a beach where they can swim and run freely off-leash. There are picnic benches on the playing field and you can park free of charge. 

Your dog can let off steam on the Erkemederstrand. This beach is vast and 1.5 kilometers long. There are bushes and patches of grass. Ideal for a nice walk and a day at the beach with your dog. The off-leash area is open all year round.