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A weekend in Harderwijk in 10 tips

Come and enjoy yourself in Harderwijk!

Harderwijk is a vibrant city with a contemporary character, characterized by more than 100 monuments, picturesque streets, and cozy squares. From the historic city center, you can reach the Veluwe lake in just 2 minutes. Relax on the beach, take a cruise, and while sipping on a glass of wine, enjoy the beautiful sunset over the water and stunning surroundings.

Marius van Dokkum

TIP 1. Marius van Dokkum museum

Since 2018, Harderwijk has gained a museum. In the former cutting room of the University of Harderwijk, you will find the Marius van Dokkum Museum. Marius van Dokkum's paintings show people with all their peculiarities in their own living environment, are humorous, and contain many details.


TIP 3. Y.A.M.

Start your day right by enjoying a delicious breakfast at Y.A.M. in the cozy city center of Harderwijk. The coffee is prepared by hand in an artisanal Barista way. The interior of Y.A.M. is very cool and very "Instagramable"!


TIP 5. Rent a boat

Rent a boat and enjoy yourself on Veluwe Lake. A perfect way to spend some quality time on the water with your family or friends. Sail by boat to one of the little islands surrounding Harderwijk for a nice picnic.


TIP 2. Beekhuizerzand (sand drift)

Harderwijk is located on the edge of the Veluwe, one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Netherlands. At a 10-minute bike ride from the park, you will find the Beekhuizerzand, a rare beautiful sand drift area. From the park, you can cycle to it via junctions 64-06-50-52!

Dries van den Berg

TIP 4. Dries van den Berg & Zn

Fish specialist Dries van den Berg & Zn is famous in Harderwijk when it comes to the very best fish products. As the Dutch Eel Ambassador, there is even an Eel Museum integrated into the fish palace. So if you love fish, be sure to stop by here!

Ouderwetse Bakkerij

TIP 6. The Old-Fashioned Bakery

The Old-Fashioned Bakery in Harderwijk has existed no less than 175 years and is a real piece of history. Taste, in the beautiful nostalgic store, the local specialty: De Zeebeer. This delicious treat is a combination of bread, cake, and cookies with almonds, apricots, and nuts.

Boulevard Harderwijk

TIP 7. Beach promenade/city beach

As you walk along Harderwijk's boulevard, you'll pass a number of historic landmarks. Starting on the side of the old harbor, you can visit Molen De Hoop (windmill), the fish auction, and the botter wharf. Then continue your walk towards the Vischpoort, Harderwijk's only remaining city gate. After your walk, settle down at one of the cozy terraces along the waterfront and enjoy the wonderful view. 
At the end of the promenade, you will find the city beach of Harderwijk. This little island has a lovely sandy beach, so bring your towel and enjoy! Everywhere the water is knee-deep, which means that children can play safely in the water here.


TIP 8. Mountain bike

Harderwijk is the ideal base for mountain bikers, with the Veluwe as its backyard and a variety of trails in the immediate vicinity. All you have to do is get on your mountain bike and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


TIP 9. Adventure park

The VeluweSpecialist/ Adventure park Harderwijk is the expert for all your adventures on the beautiful Veluwe. Explore nature with an E-chopper or E-loopfiets (E-walking bike), or see the Veluwe from great heights in the climbing forest at Adventure park Harderwijk.


TIP 10. Surfing

Strand Horst near Harderwijk is the surf spot of the central Netherlands. The shallow water of the Wolderwijd is for many water sports enthusiasts the ideal place for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and supping. Not an experienced surfer? Telstar Beach is the place to learn how to surf!


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