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A day full of flowers at Keukenhof

Visit the colorful Keukenhof

The beautiful Keukenhof welcomes visitors from 21 March to 12 May. Be amazed by the abundance of colors and flowers, carefully arranged in various patterns. The dedicated gardeners started planting bulbs back in October, and now it's the flowers' turn to bloom beautifully and vigorously!

Check out some of the impressive events Keukenhof will host in 2024 below and read a little more about the history of these impressive gardens. Don't forget to order your tickets on time and experience spring in all its glory!


A little bit of history 

Keukenhof Castle was built in 1641, and the surrounding estate grew to a sprawling area of more than 200 hectares. Then in 1857, the designers of the well-known Vondelpark in Amsterdam redeveloped the gardens around the castle in the English landscape style. This redevelopment still forms the basis of today's Keukenhof.

The idea to organise a flower bulb exhibition on this estate was born in 1949 by flower bulb growers and exporters. From 1950, the park was a fact, that year the park opened for the first time. Immediately a huge success! And still a huge success, of course.

Colourful Pavilions

Throughout period that the Keukenhof is open, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers they have not only outside, but also inside. In the Beatrix Pavilion and the Willem-Alexander Pavilion, you can admire orchids, anthuriums, and all kinds of other flowers and plants in a colorful setting.



Besides walking through the park, there are several activities to do or to join. 

Join a so-called, 'whisper boat' and cruise around the water surrounding Keukenhof. During this 45-minute boat trip, featuring an informative audio tour, you will hear all kinds of insides about Keukenhof and the surroundings, while enjoying the breathtaking view of the entire area.

Or do you prefer to be active yourself? Then explore the area around Keukenhof by bike. You can rent one at the car park near the main entrance. Please keep in mind that it's not allowed to cycle in the park. 

Flower shows

Every week they showcase different flowers in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion, ensuring that no two weeks are the same. From March 21 to March 26, visitors can enjoy a variety of hyacinths, and from April 4 to April 9, roses will be on display. This means there are numerous themes to be admired throughout the entire period!


For the kids

Keukenhof is also a real getaway for children. At the information desk, they can pick up a scavenger hunt. Full of facts, questions and fun tasks, this is really perfect for them to discover the beautiful park. At the information desk, when they finish the booklet, they can pick up a present! 

Need to get some of that energy out? No problem! The children can expend all their energy running and climbing in the playground, including a separate area for the very youngest.

    The address: Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM, Lisse
    More than enough parkingspace
    A colourful day out for the whole family

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