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These are the best hikes in the area

Hiking through the beautiful area

The Veluwe is, of course, the best place to enjoy the most beautiful hikes. From vast forests to beautiful purple moors, there is something to enjoy for everyone. Whether you are an adventurous hiker or just looking for a relaxing walk through the forests, all of it is possible! These are our tips.


Estate Schovenhorst

Estate Schovenhorst is often seen as the best-kept secret of Putten. This estate has 5 tree gardens. In these gardens, over the years, a collection of needle trees from a variety of temperate climate zones has been gathered. On this special location, you will find 3 different routes to walk, 2,5 km, 4 km, and 8 km (1,5 miles, 2,5 miles, and 5 miles). To end your walk, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and cake, a delicious lunch, or some Dutch bitterballen. The estate is open from sunrise till sunset and dogs are very welcome, as long as they are leashed. Tip: visit the Bostoren as well for a breathtaking view of the Veluwe.

Ermelosche heide

Heath of Ermelo

Just outside of Ermelo, you will find the Ermelosche Heide. This vast heathland is surrounded by beautiful forests. On these heathlands are a number of burial mounds, recognizable by the slight height difference in the landscape, and they are thousands of years old! Maybe during your walk, you will encounter the shepherd with her flock of sheep. At the edge of the heathlands, you will the Schaapskooi Schapedrift, where you will find more information about the sheep and the heathland. Several walking routes start from the Schaapskooi. Tip: from about mid-August till about mid-September the heathland is in bloom and it will be at its most beautiful.


Strokelbos/Dog forest

The Strokelbos in Harderwijk is a beautiful, wooded, hiking area where dogs can walk unleased the whole year around! The dogs can walk freely from Plaggenweg to animal shelter De Ark. There are 3 marked routes you can follow, 5 km, 7,5 km, and 9 km (3,1 miles, 4.6 miles, and 5.6 miles). The only route that is entirely in the so-called, 'off-leash' area, is the 5 km/3,1 mile route. The water troughs here are for the wildlife that runs here, but the dogs obviously love this too. The forest is partly next to the Leuvenemseweg, which is a bigger road, but for the most part, there is a fence next to the road, so you can walk there with your dog safely.


Beekhuizerzand (sand drift)

Beekhuizerzand is an area of rare natural beauty on the edge of Harderwijk. This area is perfect for hiking, running, and mountain biking, but is great for families to have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful views. Beekhuizerzand is a drifting sand area and is about 200 acres. Walking through this beautiful part of the Veluwe and the breathtaking view will want to make you never want to leave! Even your dog is very welcome, as long as they are leashed. 

Clogging trail

Clog route Sonnevanck

The Sonnevanckpad is a ten-kilometre circular walk through the beautiful outskirts of Harderwijk. The walk starts at the care facility Sonnevanck, which was once a TB sanatorium. The route leads hikers through the woods around Harderwijk, but also across the Beekhuizerzand and the old agricultural enclave of Beekhuizen. The Sonnevanckpad is the 149th Klompenpad and also the first Klompenpad in the municipality of Harderwijk.


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