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A day in Arnhem

About an hour's drive from the park, you will find the beautiful city of Arnhem, the capital of the province of Gelderland. This city is steeped in a rich history. From centuries-old parks to bustling shopping streets.

Arnhem offers a nice mix of natural beauty and urban vibrancy. Discover this cozy city on the Rhine, where historic architecture meets modern flair. In the city center and the Fashion Quarter, you can spend hours shopping, enjoy cozy restaurants, and discover the city's rich history. Below, we are happy to share our suggestions on how best to enjoy a day out in Arnhem.


Arnhem city centre

Arnhem has a beautiful city center where you can shop and relax. Located on the banks of the Rhine, the city offers a mix of modern amenities and cultural heritage. The city center therefore offers cozy shopping streets, atmospheric squares, and historical buildings. Relax in the Musispark or enjoy a delicious bite to eat at one of the city's many restaurants and cafés.

The Eusebius church has a beautiful tower and dominates Arnhem's skyline as an iconic landmark. With its 2 glass balconies, you can enjoy stunning views over the city.

The Korenmarkt and Jansplaats are the 'place to be' for cosy restaurants cafés and shops. This is where Arnhem's social life comes together.


Around the centre

Not only is there plenty to see and do in the center of Arnhem, but you will also find great sights around the center and just outside Arnhem.

Highly recommended, if you want to learn more about the Second World War are the Airborne Museum at the Bridge or the Airborne Museum at Hartenstein. Don't forget the Dutch Open Air Museum for a cultural-historical day out. The museum full of craftsmen and original buildings offers a glimpse into the living, working, and traditions of the Dutch.

Burgers' Zoo is a highly recommended place to visit too. Discover all the animals in their natural habitat, the ocean, mangroves, and much more! It also often organizes events such as an Early Bird Walk in the Bush, definitely worth a visit!



Since the 17th century, Arnhem has been known as the Green City on the Rhine and Park City, and it owes this to its 26 large and smaller parks. Park Sonsbeek stands head and shoulders above them, with its 67 hectares of centuries-old beech forest, lawns, ponds, waterfalls, the beautiful Steep Garden, and an impressive view from the Belvédère. Leaving Arnhem, you soon find yourself in the Veluwe.

A visit to the Deeler Forest is worthwhile. There is a serene calm here, unlike the hustle and bustle of the Hoge Veluwe and the Posbank, for example. At least, as far as people are concerned. The population of fallow and red deer has increased considerably in recent years, so chances are good that you will encounter one!


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