Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp

Romeins Marskamp (hiking trail 6.7 km)


The starting and finishing point of all walks on the Ermelosche heath is the Schapedrift sheepfold. One of the largest sheepfolds in Gelderland: it accommodates up to 300 sheep and lambs. Definitely worth taking a look too.

The Roman Marshes Camp on the Ermelosche Heide was quickly set up and only served as a temporary shelter for a few days, after which the Romans continued their march. The camp covered an area of about 250 by 350 metres, surrounded by a rampart and a moat


In September 2020, evidence was found of another, probably smaller, Mars camp on the moors. Where, however, is not yet entirely clear.

Romeins Marskamp
Wandelen heide

Tomb mounds

Along the route, there are several burial mounds in which people from the Bell Beaker cultures (from 2800 BC) buried their dead. Some of these mounds contain as many as 40 graves and were used in different periods. Occasionally, a wreath of wooden stakes is placed on the burial mound. At two burial mounds on the Ermelosche Heide, such a pole wreath has been found.

The hiking route is approximately 7 kilometers long and starts from the car park on Postweg in Ermelo (near the Schaapskooi). Signposts indicate the route with posts featuring a Roman soldier. If you walk parallel to Flevoweg (Provincialeweg) in Ermelo, you can find the Roman statue.


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