Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp
Useful info

Useful information

Useful information for a stay at our bungalow park

Thank you for your interest in our facilities!

This page provides all the information about our holiday park you will need. If you have any questions or if you wish to make a reservation, please contact our reservation department, which is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, or e-mail us by using the button CONTACT US or RESERVATION. We hope you enjoy planning your holiday and look forward to welcoming you!

See you soon!

Booking a holiday accommodation

You can book a bungalow or chalet by phone (+31 341-820227), fill in the reservation form on our website, or send us an e-mail ( info@verscholendorp.com). Then you will receive a booking confirmation of your reservation as soon as possible. The amount to be paid in advance is stated on the booking confirmation. We will ask you to pay this amount within a specified period. The confirmation and your payment receipt serve as proof of your reservation. All reservations and rental agreements are subject to the 'Recron voorwaarden landrecreatie 2016 (2016 Recron terms and conditions of land-based recreation) filed at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Central Gelderland in Arnhem.


Your accommodation will be ready for occupancy at 3 pm on the day of arrival. The reception desk is open until 5 pm. If you are planning to arrive after opening hours, please contact the reception office at least 24 hrs before arrival.
If your accommodation is not clean at arrival, please notify reception immediately. After the inventory list has been checked, you can ask for any additional items you may need at the reception.


Under the Recron Conditions applicable to this Holiday park, Het Verscholen Dorp cannot be held liable for theft or loss of or damage to goods or accidents or injuries to persons, during or as a result of a stay in the holiday park. Neither can we accept liability for any defective or non-operational technical installations or the cancellation, failure, or closure of facilities in the park.

Number of persons

The permitted occupancy of the accommodation may not be exceeded.


Please deposit your rubbish in the containers located behind the launderette at our bungalow park. We separate glass, household waste, paper, and green waste.


In case of emergency, please notify the reception immediately. If the reception desk is closed, you can contact the park management at any time of the night or day by calling: +31 341 - 820227. You will then be connected to the manager by way of an options menu, press option 2.
· General emergency number: 112
· Ambulance: alert reception/manager or dial 112
· ANWB: Dutch automobile association telephone number 0800-0888
· Fire: report fires and other emergencies immediately by dialing 112; then notify the manager or reception office by dialing +31 341-820227 day or night. press in ‘2′ to be connected directly to the manager.
· Theft: report thefts immediately to the reception or the manager, who will then contact the local police.

Amusement parks

Brochures for tourist attractions, zoos, and museums can be found in the reception area. If you need more information our receptionists would be pleased to tell you more about the many things to do in the surrounding area.


Guests must comply with the following rules when barbecuing at their bungalows/chalets:
· Use a safe barbecue.
· Do not place the barbecue on a soft surface (e.g. grass). Find a firm, stable surface (e.g. your patio).
· Keep fire extinguishers close at hand.
· Use firelighter blocks rather than the methylated spirit. It is forbidden to gather wood in the woods.
· After use let the barbecue cool for 12 hours.

Important telephone numbers

· Manager: In case of emergency the manager can be reached outside office hours by dialing: +31 341 - 820227. You will be connected to the manager through an option menu, press 2.
· Chemist: Deventerweg 20 B, Harderwijk +31 341-414341 The reception desk will be able to give you information about the chemist on duty at the weekend.
· General practitioner: Dr. Van Veen, Vondellaan 398a, Harderwijk +31 341-422224 Surgery Mo-Fr: 08:00 - 17:00 hours, during the weekend and on holidays,
GP station 0900-3410341
· Dentist: Dr Van de Brink, Bazuindreef 21, Harderwijk +31 341-414585
· Veterinarian: Animal Care Dierenartsen, Verkeersweg 57, Harderwijk +31 341-553332

Petrol station

The closest petrol station is the Shell station at Oranjelaan 46 (approx. 1 km).


If you break any inventory (glassware, crockery, coffee pot, etc.), please go to the reception office during office hours. You will receive a replacement for a fee. If you report the breakage at the end of your stay, the costs will be taken from your deposit.

Camera surveillance

Bungalow park Het Verscholen Dorp uses camera surveillance for the purpose of access control to buildings and grounds to protect the safety and property of its guests and staff.

Saving energy

We try to be energy efficient in our park. You can help us by closing the curtains in the evening and turning down the heating at night. We also request that you turn down the heating and turn off the lights whenever you leave the accommodation for longer periods.

Bicycle rental

You can rent bicycles at the reception desk for € 10.00 a day and € 50.00 a week for bikes with gears. Renters receive complimentary maps of cycle routes at reception. We recommend that you reserve bicycles in advance to avoid disappointment.

Lost and found

If you find or lose something, please notify reception.


Guests are permitted one pet per accommodation. Dogs must be kept on a leash in the park and should be walked outside the park. We kindly ask you not to allow your pet on the beds, sofas, or chairs. There is a € 15.- surcharge for each pet per weekend or midweek and € 25.- per week. Flea collars or treatments are obligatory. Guests are not permitted to leave pets in a bungalow/chalet unattended.


Don't forget to bring your tablet, telephone or notebook, at our resort we offer you FREE access to the internet in your holiday home.


Only use firewood in the fireplace. Parafine (Wood) logs are available at reception for € 2.50 per log. Due to the risk of forest fire, it is forbidden to start open fires. We ask you to clean the fireplace before you leave, but please do not use the vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Check well in advance that the flue is open!


Despite our conscientious service, you may have comments or suggestions for improvement. If so, please contact the management directly. They will be more than willing to assist you in finding a satisfactory solution. However, if you are still not satisfied, you can ask the management to write a report to be signed by yourself and the management. You can send this report to Het Verscholen Dorp, Boslaan 2, 3847 LT Harderwijk, the Netherlands, up to one month after your departure. Your complaint will only be handled further if you observe this deadline. Complaints submitted after this period will not be dealt with.


  • Speed: In the interest of other guests and yourself, please drive very slowly in the park.
  • Cars: one car per bungalow/chalet. You can park other cars in the designated car parks outside the park.
  • Barrier: the barrier is there for your safety. Warning: only one car can pass under the barrier at a time. You are responsible for any damages incurring if you do not leave sufficient space between your car and another and for improper use of the key card. The barrier operates 24 hours a day.

Party tents/tents

  • It is not permitted to use shelters, pup tents, ordinary tents, or party tents in the park.


  • Incoming post addressed to our guests is placed in the pigeon holes at reception.
  • You can leave the outgoing post at the reception desk.

Post office

Post agency Primera, Nassaulaan 20, Harderwijk +31 341-412323

Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us. You can read our privacy policy here.

Reception opening hours

Monday to Sunday from 9 am. to 5 pm. During to winter season, from November till April, the reception office is closed on Sundays.
The reception office is also closed on the following dates: the 1st of January, 25th, and 26th of December.


Calm is one of the most important features of our park, so we request all our guests to avoid making any loud noises. Radios, televisions, musical instruments, etc. should not be heard outside your holiday home.

Power failure

In the unlikely event that you experience a technical failure during your stay, please inform the reception office immediately, so that we can make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. If the reception desk is closed and you have an extreme emergency, you can contact the manager on +31 341 - 820227. You will be connected with the manager by using an options menu.

Taxis and public transport

· Taxi Harderwijk tel.: +31 341-4268208
· Public transport: Enquire at reception to find out about the regular services or call the national public transport information line: 0900-9292 (50 ct a minute) You can also click next links for NS (Dutch Railway) and CONNEXION (Bus company)
· Regional taxi: Noord-Veluwe 0900-9886 (reserve at least one hour before departure.)

Tennis courts

Guests have free use of the tennis court. Please make reservations at reception. Tennis balls and rackets can be rented for € 5.- a set, per hour.


To avoid unpleasant experiences during your holiday, never leave any cash or valuables in your car or holiday home while you are absent!!


Upon departure, please turn the thermostat down to 10 ºC, and close all windows and doors. You are requested to leave your holiday accommodation before 10.00 hrs. In addition, we ask that you
· clean all crockery and cutlery and put them back in the cabinets, and remove all household waste.
· deposit your household rubbish in the waste containers in the park.
· leave the refrigerator empty and clean.
· clean the fireplace. Please do not use the vacuum cleaner for this purpose.
· remove the bed linens and leave them in the hall of your bungalow.
· deposit the gate card, the key to the bungalow, and the completed customer satisfaction questionnaire at reception. Outside office hours, you can put these items in the letterbox of the house next to the reception office.
· Your deposit will be refunded by bank transfer.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact reception staff at telephone number +31 341 - 820227.


As the park is situated in a wooded area, you are not allowed to hang clotheslines outside your holiday home. If you want to dry laundry, please make use of the drying rack in your holiday home or the dryer in the launderette. Launderette tokens are available at the reception desk. Washing machine/ dryer tokens are € 5.- each, tokens including detergent (one wash) are € 6.-.


· St. Jansdal: Weth. Jansenlaan 90, Harderwijk, tel: +31 341-463911
· Sophia Ziekenhuis: Dr. Van Heesweg 2, Zwolle, tel.:+31 38-4245000
· De Weezenlanden: Groot Wezenland 20, Zwolle, tel.:+31 38-4242000

Swimming pool

Guests have free access to the heated outdoor swimming pool (open from late May to September). Swimming pool opening hours are from 9 am to 9 pm. Swimming outside these hours is not allowed. Inexperienced swimmers are not permitted to swim unattended.