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Out and about with kids!

Fun day trips with kids

In and around Harderwijk, there is plenty to do for the kids. The convenient location makes it easy for you to get the best adventures. There is, of course, the renowned Dolfinarium, and for those who are daring, a visit to Walibi is a must. There's more to do and see! We have highlighted a number of outings!

Schateiland Zeumeren

Treasure Island Zeumeren

Are you ready for an adventurous day out? Join the captain's daughter Mare and the ship's boy Dieke as they explore Treasure Island. Children up to 12 years old can have hours of fun because there is plenty to do. Climb and scramble in the washed-up ship, dig for treasure with the captain, search for gold, and even steer boats. SchatEiland Zeumeren is only half an hour's drive from Het Verscholen Dorp!

Climbing forest

Climbing forest

Klimbos Harderwijk is not just any climbing forest. In addition to an endless climbing course where you determine your own route, there is also a Rollercoaster Zipline! The zipline goes straight through the forest and because of the high speed and the curves, it seems like you're in a real rollercoaster. Unique in the Netherlands. Everyone from 1.20 m can come and climb in the climbing forest. This makes climbing also suitable for a family outing or day out with the whole family. And all that at less than a 5-minute drive from Het Verscholen Dorp!


Hansel & Gretel

From our bungalow park, it's a 10-minute drive to Pancake restaurant Hans & Grietje (Hansel & Gretel) in Zeewolde. Once you arrive, the adventure begins! There is a witch's house with a prison, just like in the fairy tale. There are trampolines, a go-kart track, a haystack to play in and there are 2 (kids) hiking trails. And of course, you should end the day with a delicious pancake and home-made ice cream.


Gnome Trail

Did you know that gnomes live here in the Veluwe? Tiny footprints in the sand, wheel tracks from a wheelbarrow, crushed grass from an afternoon nap. Really! From Buitencentrum Veluwe-Noord of Staatsbosbeheer, the kids can walk a route of 500 to 1500 meters with a pointed hat on and their cheeks painted red. Along the way, you will listen to a story from the gnome book and do gnome tasks. Within fifteen minutes from Het Verscholen Dorp you can reach the gnome trail.


Corn Maze

At the Corn Maze in Voorthuizen, there is plenty to experience, play, and also learn. In addition to the corn maze, there is a go-kart track, pedal tractor track, trains, a real maize pool, a sandbox with water fun, trampolines, a giant shuffleboard, bocce ball, a scavenger hunt... In short, too much to mention! Don't forget to bring a picnic basket filled with goodies because there are all kinds of great picnic spots on the grounds. Before you visit, check the website because the maze is only open when the corn is high enough.


Looking for nice accommodation for your holiday with children?⤵

Bungalow Comfort

Come and enjoy the beautiful detached bungalows, fully equipped with a spacious kitchen and cozy fireplace

Cozy Chalet

These romantic wooden chalets can hold 4-5 people, and are detached and decorated with comfort. In the comfortable living room, you will find the seating- and dining area. The chalet has 2 bedrooms.

Casa Color

The chalet is an artfully decorated and privately situated chalet located the edge of the Veluwe and a stone's throw from the center of the town of Harderwijk. A perfect combination of "peace and quiet".