Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp

Out and about with kids!

Going out to do fun things with the kids is no problem in and around Harderwijk! There is of course the well-known Dolfinarium and for the daredevils, a visit to Walibi is a must. But there is much more to do and experience. We have highlighted some of them!

Treasure Island Zeumeren

Are you ready for an adventurous day out? Join captain's daughter Mare and ship's boy Dieke as they explore Treasure Island. Children up to 12 years can have hours of fun because there is plenty to do. Climb and scramble in the washed-up ship, dig for treasure with the captain, search for gold, steer boats and even shoot guns.

And... SchatEiland Zeumeren is only half an hour's drive from Het Verscholen Dorp!

Once you arrive, the adventure can begin. There is a witch's house with a real prison

Hansel & Gretel

What could be more exciting than stepping into a fairy tale and experiencing it yourself? From our bungalow park it's a 10-minute drive to Pancake restaurant Hans & Grietje (Hansel & Gretel) in Zeewolde. Once you arrive, the adventure begins! There is a witches house with a prison, just like in the fairy taile. There are trampolines, a go-kart track, a haystack to play in and there are 2 (kids) hiking trails. And of course, you should end the day with a delicious pancake and home-made ice cream.

Klimbos Harderwijk (climbing forrest)

Klimbos Harderwijk is not just a climbing forest. In addition to an infinitely long climbing course where you determine your own route, there is also a Rollercoaster Zip line! The zip line goes straight through the forest, and the high speed and curves make it look like you're in a real rollercoaster. Unique to the Netherlands! And less than a 5-minute drive from Het Verscholen Dorp!

Kabouterpad Nunspeet

Did you know that gnomes live here on the Veluwe? At least, we think so, because everywhere you go you see leprechaun tracks. Tiny footprints in the sand, wheelbarrow tracks, crushed grass from an afternoon nap. And you sometimes see a gnome roll, lying around. Really and truly!

Gnomes usually live in holes in the ground or in a hollow tree. But sometimes also in an abandoned shed or a hut built of branches. Gnomes are very friendly and of course fond of their gnome children. They are very helpful and busy all day long. Curious about what they do all day long? Walk the gnome path and you will find out! Don't forget to look for leprechaun tracks along the way! And with a bit of luck you will meet a real gnome...