Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp

Bike rental

On park

The Dutch and their bicycles…. Rent a bike at Het Verscholen Dorp and explore the beautiful surroundings the Dutch way!

Feeling like cycling around on the beautiful Veluwe?!

We have listed one of our favourite cyclingroutes for you that starts at the park (junction 48). With this route you will cycle over the beautiful Beekhuizerzand and past the Schaapskooi in Ermelo. Enjoy! 48-6-20-42-51-85-84-67-1-47-82-97-79-78-95-58-48. Oh and we have listed some of the best (coffee)stops in the are for you.

Want to rent a bike? Press here for the prices!

Bike with gears

  • Price per day: € 12,50
  • Price per week: € 62,50 (7 days = 5 days)


Different sizes

  • Price per day: € 12,50
  • Price per week: € 62,50 (7 days = 5 days)


  • Price per day: € 27,50
  • Price per week: € 192,50 (7 days = 5 days)


  • Price per day: € 2,50
  • Price per week: € 12,50 (7 days = 5 days)


  • Price per day: € 12,50
  • Price per week: € 87,50 (7 days = 5 days)


Rent a bike:

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