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Swimming, boating, surfing, and fishing, the "Veluwe" has it all! Water has a great attraction to water lovers, for some so much that they come back every summer. For the Hanseatic towns Harderwijk, Elburg Spakenburg the connection with water has been there for ages. Back when the ‘IJsselmeer’ (lake) still was sea commerce and shipping were the main livelihoods. Harderwijk even had the largest fish market located in the ‘Zuiderzee’ around the year 1500. You can still see reminders of those times back in the streets of the old city. 


Windsurf & Kite

The recreational area 'Strand Horst', situated between Harderwijk and Ermelo, is considered one of the best surfing locations in the Netherlands. You will find surfers there the whole year-round. Even the international top is often found here. But of course, you can also swim or sunbathe at Strand Horst on one of the many beaches. This area offers many opportunities for a relaxed and fun day. At 'Strand Horst' you will find a wide range of facilities, such as kiosks, toilets, a volleyball court, Paintball, a small harbor, and a ferry to the other side of the lake. You can take surfing lessons, hire surf equipment and do the latest tests at Telstar Beach Center, exit Horst-Noord. Interested? Please call +31341-413960.

Sailing and fishing

Are you looking for a unique experience? You can sail with an original sail ship (Botter) from 'Elburg' and 'Spakenburg' from late April to late September. Interested? Please inform at the reception of Bungalow park Het Verscholen Dorp. Harderwijk is the ideal holiday spot for anglers! Let yourself be surprised by the great fishing adventures you can have here! 

Boat Rentals 

You can go to rent a boat at the Marina Strand Horst at the organization "Le Boat". The ships vary in length from 9 to 15 meters, they are fully equipped and you do not have to have a certificate. 


Suppen (Standing Up Paddling) is super fun to do. You move across the water by paddling and standing up on a board. It is an enormously popular water sport, and with good reason. You can completely relax while paddling, but at the same time, you are busy with a form of surfing. Can this activity be more fun? Yes, it can! You can also do this fantastic activity with your dog on the Wolderwijd or the Veluwemeer lakes! The DogSUP. SUP together with your dog and experience double water fun. Step by step it will be explained how you can SUP together as safe and pleasant as possible during a private lesson for 1 or 2 persons. For more information, visit the website Supandgo, water fun guaranteed!

Pitch & Putt Golf, golf for everyone! 

It is an affordable, accessible sport. The game is played on a small 18-hole golf course. Pitch & Putt Golf is suitable for people who have never played golf and experienced golfers. After a short instruction, anyone can play golf. The minimum age is 8 years and equipment is included in the price. Pitch & Putt Golf Horst is situated Strand Horst-Zuid.More info on


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