Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp

Nature reserve De Veluwe

Around park: 1km

Natural reserve the Veluwe

Less than ten minutes outside of Harderwijk you will find a different world: the Veluwe, a vast world of green and calm. The beautiful forests, the purple-colored heathlands and dunes are at a far distance from hustle and bustle of the city.

Near the resort, you will find a unique sand-drift with its flora and fauna. The nature around the "Hierdense Beek" is impressive, as well as the rural "Hierden" with beautiful farms and estates such as the castle "De Essenburgh". If all this scenery has given you an appetite, feel free to experience unforgettable moments at "Boshuis Drie "or" De Buurtjes" in the middle of the forest. Just stop and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with fresh, homemade apple pie.

Near Het Verscholen Dorp there are also running and horse trails and a natural playground in the middle of the woods, from here on you can run/hike in many directions: the "Hulshorsterzand", the "Hierdense Beek", "Leuvenumse bos" or heather fields in Ermelo. No matter where you go you will enjoy the breathtaking nature.