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Harderwijk, city with character

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Harderwijk, welcoming city

Harderwijk will surprise you! So much to see, do, and enjoy... Whether you enjoy shopping, relaxing, or doing sports. There is always something that will fit your needs in Harderwijk. Harderwijk is known as a friendly, and relaxed city. Here, you can enjoy historic buildings, filled with picturesque squares, terraces, and restaurants, two of which even have Michelin stars, surrounded by the charming nature of the 'Veluwe' and the 'Veluwemeer' Lake.


History of Harderwijk as a fishing and Hanseatic town

Harderwijk is a Hanseatic town with a rich history that is present throughout the city. Large parts of the old city wall and its gates are still intact today, as well as the old University, some convents, and old trader's houses. Many old buildings have become shops, restaurants, galleries, or residences. In the small port, you will still see many of the traditional boats "Botters", which remind us of the old fishing town of Harderwijk.

Waterfront City

The days when the "Zuiderzee" was a source of fishing are long gone. for over fifty years now, the polder province of Flevoland is located off the coast of Harderwijk. The Boulevard offers a great view of the young city of Zeewolde (Anno 1984) with its almost two hundred modern windmills. In recent years, the "Wolderwijd" and the "Veluwemeer" have become an El Dorado for recreation and water sports: sailing, surfing, and kite surfing, as well as a boat tour. 

The Veluwe Nature Reserve is close by

Outside the city, you will find a different world: the Veluwe, a vast world of greenery and tranquility. Forests, heathlands, and sand drifts a a nice contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. You will find beautiful forests, as well as the "Beekhuizerzand", a unique sand drift with its unique flora and fauna.

Experience Harderwijk

Despite its eight centuries of history, Harderwijk has a diverse and modern range of recreational and leisure activities to offer. The 'Zwaluwhoeve' wellness center is one of the largest and most well-known wellness centers in the Netherlands. And for those who enjoy fine dining, there are several Michelin-starred restaurants at the "Vischmarkt" Square.


Looking for an accommodation in Harderwijk? ⤵

Bungalow Comfort

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Cozy Lodge

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