Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp
Bad weather outings

Tips for a rainy day

Around park: 2km

Indoor activities for a rainy day

Holland is a top destination in every season of the year. Both summer and winter, rain or shine. Even if the sun is not arount, there is plenty to do. For a rainy day, here are some tips for fun, indoor activities with and without kids. 


Many more great museums
Palingmuseum (Eel Museum) Harderwijk, is a particularly fun, educational, and interactive museum for young and old. You can see how the traps in the water are used to catch the eel, and you can smoke your eel with the life-size eel-smoking game. The museum is free to visit.
What do you think of Aviodrome in Lelystad, the NEMO science museum at the wharf in Amsterdam, or the interesting Tropenmuseum also in Amsterdam?

Don't feel like going out the door?
Go and enjoy baking cookies, tinkering, playing games​ or enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate while sitting on the couch watching a good film.

And remember … there's always sunshine after rain!