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Cycling route Schaapskooi 🚲🌳

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There are many different cycling routes you can enjoy during your stay at our park, including this lovely route along the Schaapskooi in Ermelo.

This cycling route will offer you the opportunity to fully relax and enjoy the beautiful area, so get on your bike and get ready for a great bike ride through the forest and over the heathland. Between cycling junctions 79 and 96, you will find the Schaapskooi in Ermelo. We highly recommend getting of your bike for a little break, taking a closer look at the sheeps, or have a cup of coffee in the visitor's center. Do you know what makes this even better? The cheerful flock of sheep roaming the moors together with the shepherd. It is wonderfully soothing to watch the flock grazing as you leisurely cycle through the countryside or take a break to enjoy the view.

TIP They often organize many different activities and events at the Schaapskooi. Do not forget to check our website for all the activities!

But that's not all! Along the route, you will find multiple picnic benches, perfect for catching your breath and enjoying a well-deserved break. And don't forget to cycle past cycling junction 84 you will find Farm 'De Grote Koekoek' here. The farm has been in the family since the 1950s, and this third generation of farmers is highly engaged in caring for their cows. They have a Farmshop where you will be able to buy fresh milk, onions, and delicious meat. The shop is open every day from 7 am until 7 pm, so there is plenty of time to drop by!

In short, this is an amazing cycling route. Take your time, enjoy the surroundings, and make beautiful memories along the way! 

    Cycle route of approx. 22.3 km
    Fun for kids too
    Fresh produce for sale on the go
    Beautiful landscapes

Did you know that once a year in March it is Lamb Day at the Schaapskooi? The sheep and lambs can then be seen up close and you can pet them too. There are stalls with snacks & drinks on the premises and fun activities for the kids!

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