Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp

Cycling route round Flevoland 🚲🛳️

Take the ferry across to Flevoland and from there, cycle along the dike back to the Veluwe. Ideal for a sunny day with plenty of opportunities to pause at fun beaches and enjoy a refreshing swim!

You will start this route from our park, and cycle through the beautiful countryside of Harderwijk and Hierden. After about 13 kilometres (8 miles) from our park, you will reach the ferry. When you take this ferry, you can enjoy the Veluwemeer and the crossing to Flevoland. 

Along the way to the ferry, you will find, just before reaching cycling junction 60, a lovely beach. On this beach, you can enjoy the warm sun on lovely spring or summer days. When you're fully rested, you can take the ferry to Flevoland, crossing the Veluwemeer. When you continue the route, just after taking the ferry, you will find another perfect spot to have a drink or a nice lunch in the sun. This amazing place is called Strandpaviljoen Bremerdaai

On the route, you will find Monument 'voor Prima Mensen'. This monument is a big star that is about 5 meters tall, with two thumbs up. The thumbs are a nod to Facebook 'likes'. According to the artist, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, people nowadays meet more often on social media. With this monument, the artist wants to bring attention to this kind of meeting. 

On the way back, you will cycle under the famous aqueduct. This aqueduct was opened in 2023 and is 25 meters long. Boats with shallow draft but with high masts can sail from the Veluwemeer to the Wolderwijd via this aqueduct. After cycling under this awesome aqueduct, you will cycle through the old town of Harderwijk, and you'll be back on the park in no time!

    Bicycle route of approx. 35 km
    Lots of beaches along the way for sunny breaks
    A ferry crossing

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