Bungalowpark Het Verscholen Dorp

Cycle route Castle Staverden and Buitenplaats Het Loo 🚲🏰

This cultural route takes you cycling through the smallest town in the Netherlands; Staverden, among other places. Admire the castle and have a seat on the terrace of the brasserie for a delicious cup of coffee.


The perfect route for all culture and architecture lovers. On this route, you will cycle past Castle Staverden and Buitenplaats Het Loo, two locations with a lot of history. 

Starting from cycling junction 48, located just outside the park, you'll cycle past the sand drift Beekhuizerzand via cycling junction 42 towards the south. Here, you'll pass Leuvenum and find Huis te Leuvenum as well. This beautiful estate was built in 1921 by 'Jonkheer' Sandberg and was inspired by Castle de Essenburgh in Hierden.

After cycling past this beautiful estate, you will continue your route towards cycling junction 67. You'll find Landgoed Staverden here, where you can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee or tea in the beautiful gardens of the Brasserie. A fun fact: in 2012, Staverden was named the smallest city in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg), with just 52 citizens. 

When you have seen everything you wanted to see at Staverden, you'll continue the route by following the cycling junctions towards Elspeet. During your ride through Elspeet, you will also cycle past Bakker piet, just after junction 4. Bakker Piet delivers fresh bread, and pastries among other delicious goods, at our park. But not just that, you can have a nice stop at the bakery/lunchroom too. Do pay attention, Bakker Piet is closed on Sundays!

On your way back to the park, you will cycle past Buitenplaats Het Loo at junction 60. This is a restaurant with a rich history. Did you know that our late Queen Wilhelmina used to come drink tea here in the restaurant? She used to come with her carriage, and she would have it parked in the coach house. To keep the memory of her and the carriage, they still have a carriage standing there (tip: look up when you're there). Unfortunately, it is not the original, but it's a worthy replacement.

After your visit to Buitenplaats Het Loo, you proceed to cycle the route through the heathland and forests back to the park. Hopefully, you have enjoyed a beautiful cycling route!

    Cycle route of approx. 40 km
    Historical sights
    Great lunch and coffee stops along the way

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